If you’re just in the mood for a walk, there are long white beaches within 50 metres from you! Walk through Small Bay towards Big Bay or Horse Trails, which are both great surfing spots for the amateur surfer or bodyboarder and enjoy the majestic Table Mountain on your way back.

Safe Swimming

Small Bay (The beach on the image to the right) is behind some rocks, so the waves never really get big. There’s also a play park halfway along the beach for the kids. Be warned though, the water temperature ranges between 10 – 18 degrees, quite chilly most of the time!

Eating Out

If you’re not in the mood to drive, there are plenty options for good food nearby:

Ons Huisie Restaurant – Right in front of the house! Walk out the front gate and about 20 metres to their entrance! Serves great West Coast seafood platters and a whole assortment of South African foods.

Blue Peter Hotel – The spot for sundowners, world famous. They have very good pizza to fill the gap.

On the Rocks Restaurant – Classy ‘on-water’ dining. The name says it all – breathtaking views of the ocean and Table Mountain with fine dining.

Cafe Blaauwberg – Breakfast with a view! About 5 minutes walk away from the house to build that appetite. We would highly recommend this spot! Make sure you’re there around 09:00, they’re usually quite booked out.

If you’re up for driving, there are too many restaurants to mention! Ask us for a recommendation.

Surfing (& Kite Surfing)

Surfing spots close by:

Big Bay – 2-6ft left and right beach breaks. There are facilities on the beach including showers, life savers and a shop and it’s an easy walk from the house. (Good for Kite Surfing on a South Easter)

Horse Trails – 2-6ft left and right handers. They are a little hollower than Big Bay‘s waves and sometimes make good wedges.

Derde Steen – 2-8ft A-Frame beach breaks, gets real solid and powerfull on good days, best early morning in the winter time.

Melkbos Strand – 2-8ft – The spot when the South Easter’s blowing. Gets real hollow and excellent tube riding on good days! Good in summer or whenever there’s good swell with a South Easter.

Dolphin Beach – 2-4ft – Fun waves, but becomes a big paddle above 4ft when surfing. This is the premier Kite Surfing Spot in probably the whole of South Africa! There are shops around that can teach you how and sell you the equipment. Ask us if you need more info.

There are various surfing and kitesurfing lessons available in season, be sure to ask us for more details as it’s great fun, but be ready for some cold water!

Cape Town & Surrounds

There are literally thousands of things to do in and around Cape Town. Ranging from Wine Tours, Mountain Climbing, Scuba Diving to navigating historic water channels below Cape Town with a guide, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

For the perfect family or romantic holiday rental on the West Coast of South Africa.